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Overview, Mission

Liberty Creek Elementary believes that every child can be a sucessful learner.  We nurture individual strengths by providing a safe, welcoming and joyful environment where children are encouraged to explore and take risks.  We look forward to partnering with families and the community to ensure every student's success!


Portrait of the Central Valley Student

  • Skilled, Knowledgeable Learner
  • Effective Communicator
  • Self-Directed Learner
  • Collaborative Learner
  • Quality Worker / Producer
  • Complex Thinker
  • Community Contributor


Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools

  1. A Clear and Shared Focus
  2. High Standards and Expectations for All Students Effective School Leadership
  3. High Levels of Collaboration and Communication
  4. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessments Aligned with State Standards
  5. Frequent Monitoring of Learning and Teaching
  6. Focused Professional Development
  7. A Supportive Learning Environment
  8. High Levels of Family and Community Involvement